The Walker Close Community Centre Priorities

 Understanding the community    

Understanding the community is entail understanding it in a number of ways

It is important to understand the specific community  we’re with.

We have to get to know our people…. Their culture, their concerns, and relationships----- and to develop own relationship as well.

Know the physical characteristics:

  • Get a map of the community and drive and/or workaround

  • Gather information as much as possible

  • Describe the characteristics of

Taking the time and effort to understand your community well before embarking on a community effort will pay off in the long term.

A good way to accomplish that is to create a community description:

  • A record of your exploration and findings it is good to gain a comprehensive overview of the community….

  • What is now, what it’s been in the past, and what it could be in the future?

Through these information ……..via survey, interview, knowing who you should contact. and setting a comprehensive:-                                                 Our framework module 

                       MARKETING/ENGAGEMENT PLAN