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 Manner of Establishment 

The establishment of Walker Close Community Centre has been undertaken strategically by Hobsons Bay City Council in partnership with the local community to provide services to the community based on its statement of purposes in line with Council's social planning process to encourage, support & assist community development initiative that arises from and within the community aimed at bringing people from diverse backgrounds together in a safe and simulating environment, that allows for the growth of social understanding between different groups.

This purpose-built facility, Walker Close Community Centre at 180 Millers Road, Altona North opened in July 2004. 

The Committee of management model is used by Hobsons Bay for most of its community facilities. In November 2006 Walker Close Community Centre became incorporated to legally run, promote, and delivery its programs and services to the wider community of Hobsons Bay and to the neighboring areas in the western suburbs of Melbourne where a high mix of over 65+ different Culturally and Linguistically (CALD) community groups residing.  Extremely central to everywhere.  It has a very welcoming environment.

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