Strategic Planning to Ensure a Unified Vision

To effectively meet and address the prevailing needs of the community the Management Committee and Staff developed a long and short term strategic direction for the centre. The strategic plan outlines the centre’s vision, purpose, values and goals. The basis of the strategic plan outlines the four major areas of ‘our community’, ‘our centre’, ‘our partners’ and ‘our services’. Strategies and key priorities were then agreed upon and these are reported against during the monthly management committee meetings.

Business/Marketing Plan

The goals of our centre are set by the interplay between the services and facilities we are equipped and the needs of the community we serve. to feasibly address the community needs by strengthening our governance and by establishing strong networks and relationship with key resources the centre adopted a business plan.

Key Priorities

On an annual basis the Management Committee along with the Centre Manager hold a strategic planning workshop to discuss the key priorities for the year. All key priorities relate to the strategies on the strategic plan and achieving them in order to succeed in our overall vision of the centre “to be a dynamic hub that connects people in our community”.

Annual General Meeting

The Association shall in each calendar year convene an annual general meeting of its members. The annual general meeting shall be held on such a day as the committee determines the specific day.At the AGM the new management committee is elected and the annual report, including the audited financial reports, is provided to members. All members are encouraged to attend the AGM as it also a good opportunity to meet other members from different community groups.


                      Strategicpriorities                                Annual Report - 2017

                                                                                         Annual Report  -  2016

                                                                                         Annual Report  - 2015



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