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 Manner of Establishment 

The establishment of Walker Close and Brooklyn Hall Association Inc. has been undertaken strategically by Hobsons Bay City Council in partnership with the local community to provide services to the community based on its statement of purposes in line with Council's social planning process to encourage, support & assist community development initiative that arises from and within the community aimed at bringing people from diverse backgrounds together in a safe and simulating environment, that allows for the growth of social understanding between different groups.

The Association operates at the two council owned facilities. Brooklyn Hall in Cypress Avenue originally built in 1969, was extensively redeveloped by the Council in 2006 and purpose built facility Walker Close Community Centre at 180 Millers Road, Altona North opened in July 2004. 

The Committee of management model is used by Hobsons Bay for most of its community facilities. In November 2006 Walker Close Community Centre and Brooklyn Community Hall became incorporated under this model.

                       We are located

The Walker Close and Brooklyn Hall Association always maintain its connection to the grassroots of the community, and is always be a place where people from the community can gather to hold a variety of events, knowing that they have the full support of the organization. 

 The Neighbourhood is made up over 55 different ethnic diversity with lots of values, cultures, beliefs and a wide range of community experience that can every one share and gain knowledge and skills.       


Develops and delivers efficient, affordable and accessible programs services in partnership with the local community to provide opportunities, build capacity and advocate for the community. 


The Association is responsive to committee needs and beliefs accessible for all people to its programs and services and "creating" community that sustains itself.

strategic objective

To ensure that Walker Close and Brooklyn Hall Asso.Inc. provides vibrant, accessible, and diverse services and programs to assist in building and celebrating the capacity of the local community.

The Centre provides a wide range of programs at the two facilities fostering the development of all people and promote activities and initiatives that bring people closer together, and aim to cater for people of all backgrounds and all ages whilst adhering to the following values:

  • Respectful honest and open
  • Community focussed and responsive
  • Professional and accountable
  • Collaborative, inclusive and embracing diversity
  • Show the beauty of diversity

The Walker Close Community Centre and Brooklyn Community Hall are ideal places where people can meet, learn and have fun together. Our focus is on building community. The centre encourages people who use our rooms to be part of the Walker Community Centre and Brooklyn Community Hall. The Community. The Community  Centre has always been seen as a place where people can meet, learn, engage and ultimately have fun together. Our focus is on developing positive community relationships.

In order to foster the continual development of dynamic community groups, the Walker Close and Brooklyn Hall Asso.Inc. opens its facilities to those wanting to run a variety of different events or functions.

This ensures that people always have a place to come  and enjoy themselves in a warm and friendly environment. The Centreallows for events of appropriate nature to take place in their centers, some examples are: 

  • Funding events
  • Club events
  • Presentations
  • Private functions
  • Social gatherings
  • Training programs
  • Conferences, meeting
  • Business Meetings
  • Health well-being activities  
  • Plus a range of other health, social, educational and recreational programs.

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