Why the need of strategy?

 Building a stronger community is a key priority for Walker Close. To achieve this, we recognise the important role of neighbour houses and community centre play as a place where people can come together an link into their communities, crating strong neighbourhoods and hot sports of community activity. 

 Walker Close Community Centre provides community connections and lifelong learning opportunities, empowering our residents to enhance their health, social, educational and economic wellbeing.  They support local people to become more active, confident and resilient, and form an integral part of the social fabric of Hobsons Bay resident.

 To feasibly address the needs of the community pertinent to the Council Social Planning process strategic plan is the key document that articulates our future direction and outlines our goals and area of focus for the three year period July 2018 through to June 2020.

 The outcomes of this strategic planning process are important to:

  • Give Walker Close Community Centre clear directions and a focus in the next three years
  • Support staff and provide clear direction for the development of work plans.

What else would we like to have achieved

 The things we would have liked to have achieved at WCCC over the past couple of years include:

  • Have had a wider influence in the community. 
  • Have had more rooms for opening up short courses 
  • Made contact with more people including those who would benefit from our services and newer residents who may be helped with our programs 
  • Had received more funds that help us to run diverse activities
  • Have had more services to the community that can provide for the newly arrived diverse community group

                                                                            Strategic Plan